All homes and property located in Stoney Glen West are part of the Stoney Glen West Association, Inc. This Association has covenants and deed restrictions governing numerous aspects of the community. These are legally binding and governed by Virginia law. These covenants are recorded at the Chesterfield County Courthouse. They include:

As a resident of Stoney Glen West, you should be aware of what is covered in these documents since you are required to abide by them. You will find that adherence to the covenants and restrictions helps keep our community a desirable place to live. You received a copy of these covenants in the “disclosure packet” provided to you before closing on your home. If you misplaced your copy, please contact a member of the Board to request another copy.

If any Stoney Glen West resident notices what they believe is a covenant or deed restriction violation, they should report that to the Board for investigation. A complaint form is available in the download section. All complaints must be in writing. The identity of the complaining resident will not be disclosed during the investigation.